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Welcome to “WING & ASSOCIATES" International Executive Search Firm....where only top-notch Human Resources and
Sales Executives are placed! Taking an entirely different approach to delivering talent, we believe that the role of an executive
search firm is far more than just helping companies find qualified employees. We believe it’s our job to help your business

The Greatest Challenge for Corporate America

A major challenge that confronts most companies is getting past the big question: "How do I know if my business is
prepared for future growth and success?" The answer lies in choosing the finest executive search firm that not only
specializes in identifying professionals at the senior management level, but also assures you of a selection of skilled,
qualified seasoned professionals that always deliver results. When you work with  
WING & ASSOCIATES, you know you are
working with an experienced and professional executive search firm.

Is Your Company Prepared for Future Growth & Success?

When you hire new people, are you confident that you have chosen the right talent for your team? As you make a final
selection for a human resource or sales candidate, are you certain their skills can help your business thrive? Are you
confident that your organization is ahead of the curve for top talent? In a competitive world, your employees play a crucial role
in helping your business succeed, which means, you can either have a team of players that are functional, or you can have a
team of players that are superior. When you work with  
WING & ASSOCIATES recruiters, the choice is in your hands!

What Makes WING & ASSOCIATES Different?

As an international executive recruiting and career-consulting firm,  WING & ASSOCIATES focuses a large percentage of time
identifying key talent. We invest ourselves in assessing top performers, which allows us to deliver highly skilled members to
your organization.  We make sure that the professionals placed on your team not only take the initiative, but they also have
genuine talent and always deliver the goods. But even more important,  
WING & ASSOCIATES brings a combination of
Human Resources and Sales expertise, something rarely if ever found in the search industry. This combination allows for
our company to assess and identify talented professionals in both human resources and sales.