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Because WING & ASSOCIATES focuses on finding opportunities for highly qualified candidates for executive positions, we only seek the cream of the crop. Before our team at WING & ASSOCIATES decides on a candidate, a lot takes place to ensure the candidates we select are the types of professionals we want. If you think you have the right set of competencies and you’re an ambitious person ready to take the next step in your career, then we want to speak with you.


Learning About Your Skill Set


We start by preparing each candidate for the process by asking questions about their skill set, which includes a detailed discussion on career history, education, background, training, and achievements. As an interview coach, we also help our candidates develop a positive presentation so that during an interview they are sure to win the interviewer over. This strategy is important to a candidate as it helps them overcome a tough interview; leaving the interviewer impressed and confident in the candidate’s skills.

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Being Offered the Position


Our goal is to make sure you are offered the position every time you interview, so we don’t send you on interviews until we’re sure you are prepared and a match. With practice, our candidates reflect a competent and confident highly qualified professional.

Submitting Your Resume

We are actively seeking to fill several positions, so if you believe your qualifications match our high criteria, then please submit your resume.

Be prepared for WING & ASSOCIATES to review your resume with a critical eye. Remember that old cliché:  “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Well, that definitely rings true when it comes to your resume. So, at  WING & ASSOCIATES, we assure your resume makes you the most promising candidate. You want to get your foot in the door because without the interview, there’s no chance you can be hired. If necessary, we’ll help you with a complete resume make-over to make sure you’re a strong candidate. See additional information on the Career Advancement page.

When you send us your resume the following information must be provided:


  • Current or most recent compensation. (Salary, bonus, stock options, etc)

  • Your relocation preferences

  • Any specific or additional information that we should know about your abilities


Send your resume to  All submitted resumes are carefully reviewed and evaluated. We do not accept resumes that are faxed or mailed.

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