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At WING & ASSOCIATES we believe in finding our clients the prospective talent that does more than just fill a seat. We take a very unique approach to find the right people for your team and we start by understanding your needs. We delve deeply into the way your company operates as well as the culture you have developed. In order to deliver the right candidate, we understand all aspects of your organization, because each placement is crucial to your success.


Detailed Information


We will do extensive research to ensure success. Therefore we want to know the history of your company and the type of projects you complete.  We will review your mission statement so that we know what you're about. We will peruse your website carefully and learn as much as we can about your organization. We also request a job description relative to the position you are trying to fill.  We want this to be a perfect match, so we also ask if there are potentially any areas that might need improvement. You are free to share any details with us that you think will help us even further in our search.

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We Provide The Ideal Candidate

As we explore for the ideal candidate, we ask them some very pertinent questions that we consider very important.  We delve deeply into finding out whether a potential candidate is a good match. We explore the following:


* Does a candidate really have the credentials and skills required by an organization of your caliber?


* Does the candidate have integrity and will they reflect positively on your company?


* Does the person have the type of personality that will blend and fit with your organization?  


* Does the professional style of the candidate demonstrate one that will allow him or her to be a success in your company?  


However, that’s not all. Our team will go above and beyond to provide you with the ideal candidate.

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Our Far-Reaching Network of Contacts

Once all the information is in place, we explore our far-reaching network of contacts in various industries who are currently seeking employment. We are constantly developing our contact list and often make discreet inquiries especially if we think a particular person would make a perfect match. Plain and simple, we are always on the look-out for professionals who meet our very high criterion.

Let's Get Started

To begin the process, we will arrange a time to meet with you so that we can determine the type of candidates you are seeking and where you have the most pressing executive needs. If you are ready to grow your business, feel free to CONTACT US today so that we can begin addressing your most important top-notch executive needs.  Let us help put your company a cut above the competition.

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